man working out on rower in Train class


Build Strength, Tone up, and Increase Stamina. This 45 minute class includes body weight exercises and elements like kettlebells, bands, free weights, and med balls. We believe our TRAIN workouts are essential to building muscle, increasing cardio capacity, and achieving overall wellness. These workouts are carefully programmed to fit into six week cycles designed to improve a specific movement or muscle group. This method ensures you are always improving and never plateau.


A consultation with a coach and performance in your first class will tell us your fitness level. Are you an Olympus, Fuji, or Everest? Our groups are named after famous peaks so you are constantly reminded that at Higher, you are always climbing, always working at taking your fitness to the next level. Your group isn’t just a community within our community, it serves to personalize your workout with prescribed weights, movements, and cardio distances that meet your current fitness needs.


For those who thrive on competition, you can use our leaderboard to compete with others in your fitness level. You can also compete against yourself by comparing your previous workouts. Our Train instructors will coach you on how to execute every movement correctly to avoid injury and get the most benefit. In the Higher Train program, you will continuously improve, never get bored, belong to a great community, have clear goals, and you will always have a great time. 

woman working out on versaclimber


Climb with us in the only VersaClimber studio in Memphis. The perfect workout for busy people, expect to burn up to 500 calories (or maybe even more) in just 30 minutes. A VersaClimber is a piece of sophisticated cardio equipment that will work your entire body. VersaClimbers are low impact so you can work your body while avoiding injury. You will use your arms, legs, core, and glutes to climb, climb, climb for this 30-minute high energy, high intensity class.


Use weights and high energy climb combos for a class that builds muscle and burns calories. This extended 45 minute class is broken up with a few jumps off the climber to spice up your workout.


This is the climb experience for those who love to compete, whether it’s against themselves or others in the class. Optional leaderboards and races within the class equal top performance in your 30 minute full body workout.


Thirty minutes of a high intensity Climb30 challenge. Lose yourself in the music and lights. Our teachers and the community of Climbers around you will challenge you to give your max effort for an intense full body cardio experience.

athletes competing in race


If you’ve ever wanted to do a race or increase your endurance capacity, but didn’t know where to start, RUN classes are for you. This programming is designed by top three St. Jude Marathon finisher KK Scheel. The programming is for beginners and experts alike. Classes will prepare you for long and short distance runs and improve your general endurance while burning calories and toning your muscles.

Race Day

Imagine after several weeks of building up your skill and stamina with an amazing group of people, race day is finally here. You head to the meeting point where hot coffee and plenty of carbs are waiting and everyone boards the coach bus to the destination. On the bus is your race day shirt, swag bag and plenty of snacks. The group continues to hype each other up as you arrive at the race. Every step of the way we will cheer you on so everyone meets their finisher goal. 

man hiking up mountain


We build travel experiences for the active and adventurous. Not every trip needs to be a relaxing vacation on the beach (although there is always room for that too!) Our experiences are based around working out, outdoor adventures, and using your gains in strength and stamina to experience things you never thought possible. Many of our experiences are in tandem with the Compete racing package. Past experiences include a trail race in Arkansas and a mountain run in Colorado. Our Experiences packages include some transportation, accommodations, some group meals, and excursions.


We do all the planning and coordination so you can just come and enjoy being with your Higher community. Every year we will plan one extravagant trip. COVID-19 spoiled everyone’s travel plans for 2020, but our most extravagant Experience yet was planned for 2020. Our community had planned to travel to Spain to use our fitness for an adventure of a lifetime. We planned to attend the San Fermin Festival in Pamplona for the historic Running of the Bulls, including exclusive balconies overlooking the Closing Ceremony.

Coming Soon!

Travel and race based experiences are happening! All experiences will be based on what is safe and appropriate with the current conditions of COVID-19.